Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kuuk Potato Fry Slicer

This is a nice hard plastic potato cutter. It comes with two different size grids that are stainless steel to cut my potatoes with. Easy to change in and out and easy to clean. I have used the several times to make homemade french fries. It cut them to a perfect size. This is also good to slice vegetables for party trays. I would recommend this Kuuk Potato Fry Slicer - Also makes Carrot Batons, Cucumber Crudités. Sample received for an honest and unbiased review.

Kuuk Potato Fry Slicer - Also makes Carrot Batons, Cucumber Crudités
  • Easy-to-clean, simply rinse areas with food residue with warm soapy water. Dedicated website for warranty and support
  • Insert the blade from the right hand side, making sure there are two grooves on the top side of the blade and one groove on the bottom side.
  • Cut carrot or cucumber batons to use as a healthy alternative to dip in to salsa, hummus, guacamole or any other dip
  • Enjoy home-made, restaurant quality french fries with ease in your kitchen. Create uniform potato slices in seconds—ready to fry immediately
  • Works just as well with apples, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and more! **Please note sweet potatoes (yams) are too tough /dense and are not suitable for use.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Friday, June 3, 2016

Umbrella With Auto Open & Close

This umbrella is really nice. Love the classy sleek style. It is made really good and the material is very durable. The framework is sturdy and put together really good. Good size could fit two people under it if needed. This umbrellla is automatic that opens and closes by itself. Just push the button and it pops up for you. When closing the umbrella and the button is push the umbrella part closes at the top but manually have to pull the arm back into the handle. I would recommend this Folding Travel Umbrella. Sample received for an honest and unbiased review.

Product Description
21" Folding Travel Umbrella is a convenient folding umbrella that provides plenty of protection when open and is small enough to fit in your purse or bag with ease when closed.

STRONGER. We use the finest quality pongee fabric in the design of our umbrellas for women and men, making them far more durable. 

MORE COMFORTABLE TO CARRY. A loop on the handle lets you tote the umbrella on your wrist, and the leather handle is comfortable to grip. 

TRULY WINDPROOF. Other umbrellas for men and women claim to be windproof, but end up becoming bent when bad weather strikes. The Clongi folding umbrella won't let you down! 

EASIER TO OPEN & CLOSE. Our folding umbrella opens and closes with just the touch of a button. 

MORE STYLISH. The chic black look of the Clongi travel umbrella is a fashionable choice for men and for women.