Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FSL Xylem Review

I was really please when I opened the box to see such a great looking pair of headphones. These headphones are so nice and are really good quality. The cord is wrapped really good. I won't have problems with them kinking and messing up. The ear pieces are really comfortable. The Bluetooth connected to my phone with no trouble at all. Really easy to set up. The headphones sound really good with no feedback at all. I can answer my phone calls with just one click of the button on the headphones. I would recommend these FSL Xylem Wood Earbuds wireless headphones. Sample received for an honest and unbiased review.
Product Description
Eco-friendly construction
You may not have a cape or super-powers but you can do your bit to save the earth with these premium quality wooden earphones. Wood offers several advantages over plastics and metal and that is why it is used in the construction of premium, high end speakers and musical instruments.
Powerful vibrant sound with naturally enhanced bass
The wooden chamber of the FSL Xylem is designed specifically to reflect bass frequencies and yet absorb high frequencies. The result is a powerful bass sound with a fine detailed high end. Only a wooden chamber can provide this natural acoustic effect and the Xylem has been fine tuned to high definition audio standards.
Control your music and calls
A discreet integrated microphone and remote put you in complete control of your music and calls. Play, pause, skip track, previous track as well as answer and end call at the touch of the button without reaching for your phone. 
Note: track controls may not be compatible with all devices
The FSL Xylem is universally compatible to work with all audio devices with a 3.5mm socket - that means just about anything portable like your smartphone, tablet or iPod etc.
Lifetime customer service and 3 year warranty
FSL prides itself on it's customer care and we want you to be happy with your product for years to come. Our faith in our products is why we offer a 3 year warranty and offer our customers support for the lifetime of the product.

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